Safe Access for Victims' Economic Security Center

What is the SAVES Center?

The SAVES Center provides research, training, technical assistance, policy direction, and collaboration guidance to increase safe access to child support, parenting time, and establishment of parentage services for survivors of domestic violence.

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Recent Publication

Meaningful Engagement and Partnership With Survivors of Domestic Violence to Improve Safe Access to Child Support Services

This brief presents tips for child support agencies on how to meaningfully engage and partner with survivors of domestic violence. First, we provide overall strategies to support survivor well-being and empowerment throughout the initiative lifespan. Then, we share concrete tips for each phase of a child support services improvement process.

Resources to support safe access for survivors

Child support is an important source of economic stability for survivors of domestic violence. However, many survivors face serious barriers to safely pursuing and receiving child support. The SAVES Center is a national resource center funded by the Office of Child Support Services to expand safe access to child support, establishment of parentage, and parenting time services through training, technical assistance, research, and resource development for state, Tribal, and local child support agencies and partner organizations. The SAVES Center is a collaboration among the Colorado Division of Child Support Services and the Center for Policy Research

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